About Us

GAP Connections is a 501 (c) (5), nonprofit agricultural membership organization working to promote good agricultural practices between growers and the companies associated with the purchasing of their crops.  Founded in 2013 and consisting of Company Members, Associate Members, and Grower Members, GAP provides training, resources, and monitoring to promote good agricultural practices which produce a quality crop while protecting, sustaining or enhancing the environment with regard to soil, water, air, animal and plant life as well as protecting and ensuring the rights of farm laborers.

Our Philosophy is to fill in the figurative gaps within the agriculture industry and connect farmers to vital resources. As a third party industry partner, we aim to create awareness and cultivate positive environmental and social impact through good agricultural practices. In an industry filled with standards and requirements that are both variable and numerous, we pursue simplicity and ease for the growers.

GAP Connections:

  • Serves as a clearinghouse between producers and purchasers
  • Coordinates the adoption and implementation of one set of agricultural standards
  • Streamlines processes for farmers and the companies that purchase their products
  • Connects farmers with training and resources to ensure compliance