GAP Connections membership consists of Company (Regular) Members (R), Non-Contracting Company Members (N), Associate Members (A), and Grower Members (G). Each of these Membership Classes are represented on the Board of Directors which governs GAP Connections activities. 

Board of Directors for GAP Connections


  • Jeff Griffin, Alliance One International (R)
  • Frank Geovannello, Altria (R)
  • Bill Maksymowicz, Burley Stabilization Corporation (R)
  • Pat Raines, Burley Tobacco Growers Coop (R)
  • Scott Gupton, China Tobacco International (North America) (R)
  • Carter Franklin, Gallatin Redrying and Storage (R)
  • Linda McMurtry, Hail & Cotton (R)
  • Ward Anderson, JTI (R)
  • Robbie Parker, R. J. Reynolds (R) (Chairman)
  • Randy Henderson, Swisher International (R)
  • Xinglin Ou, TH Int'l Tobacco Company (R)
  • Dennis Springs, United Tobacco Company (R)
  • Hunter Mason, Universal Leaf (R)
  • Declan Curran, U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc. (R)
  • Stewart Livesay, Philip Morris International (N)
  • Donald Mitchell, Grower (G)
  • Dale Seay, Grower (G)
  • Brent Leggett, Grower (G)
  • Al Pedigo, Council for Burley Tobacco (A)
  • Tim Yarbrough, Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina (A)

Grower Advisory Committee

  • Kent Bauman, Ohio/West Virginia/Indiana burley, Otway, OH
  • Justin Welk, Pennsylvania/Maryland air cured, Strasburg, PA
  • Donald Mitchell, Kentucky burley, Midway, KY
  • William Shipley, Tennessee/Virginia/W. NC burley, Speedwell, TN
  • Dale Seay, KY/TN dark air/fire cured, Crofton, KY
  • Joanna Carraway, KY/TN dark air/fire cured, Kirksey, KY
  • Jay Jennings, Virginia flue cured, Chase City, VA
  • Matt Grissom, North Carolina flue cured, Henderson, NC
  • Reid Turner, Georgia/Florida flue cured, Baxley, GA
  • Neal Baxley, SC flue cured, Mullins, SC
  • Al Pedigo, GAPC Board Member: Air cured/fire-cured, Scottsville, KY
  • Brent Leggett, GAPC Board Member: Flue cured, Nashville, NC
  • Tim Yarbrough, GAPC Board Member: Flue cured, Prospect Hill, NC