Online GAPC Self-assessment

The Online GAPC Self-assessment is a tool that growers can use to assess their compliance with GAPC Certification Standards.  The purpose of the self-assessment is not to give a “score,” but rather to give growers a way to measure compliance on their farm and to identify areas where improvement is needed or more documentation is required. 

Self-assessment and GAPC Certification

If you are going through the GAPC Certification Program, the self-assessment is a requirement. It must be completed at least one week prior to the Certification Audit. If you are not going through the GAPC Certification Program, then you will need to contact your contracting company and see if they are requesting that you complete the GAPC Self-assessment.

Completing Your Self-assessment

The Self-assessment is online and is accessed by growers logging into the GAPC Grower System and navigating to "Grower Self-assessment".  It is most efficiently and easily completed online, however, there is a paper copy that Member Companies can provide if completing the questions online is not possible. 

We have listed some tips on completeing your self-assessment below but we also have a "How to" document that you can access here.

  • Forgot your password?  If you do not have a password, you may try the “Forgot Password?” link at the bottom of the log in screen, but if that does not work then please contact GAP Connections at (865) 622-4606 to have your password reset.  DO NOT register again for a new Grower ID. 
  • The self-assessment should be completed on a computer not a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.
  • Once logged in the "Grower Self-assessment" link is found at the bottom of the grower homepage. 
  • You will notice a blue rectangle with a moving black box while self-assessment is loading. It may take up to 60-90 seconds for the questionnaire to load depending on the speed of your internet. 
  • All questions have a grey/white background, which indicates the question has not been answered yet. Upon answering a question you will see the background of the question turn blue. 

  • We have provided an autosave feature to prevent losing any of your answers. Every ten (10) minutes, we automatically save your answers. After eight (8) minutes, you will see an orange box appear at the top of your screen stating “You have 120 seconds before the self-assessment performs an autosave”. Once the counter reaches 60 seconds the box will change to red and count down to zero. Once the counter reaches zero, your screen will refresh, this means that the questions will disappear from your screen for just a second, but will quickly reappear. This indicates that your answers have been saved automatically to our system. 

  • Once you are finished answering questions please hit the green “Submit Self-Assessment” button to ensure we get all answers you have submitted since the previous autosave. Once you hit this button you should get a message stating “Self-Assessment submitted successfully.

Yearly Update

Once you have answered all of the questions and the background of every question is blue, you will be done for the current year. However, the first week of March each year, answers to approximately 20-40 questions will be cleared and growers will be asked to log back in and provide updated information for the current year.  

Please contact us at (865) 622-4606 if you have any issues or questions about completing your self-assessment.