2017 U.S. GAP Materials


imageThe concept of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) aims at ensuring sustainable, economically viable production of usable tobacco and can be defined as: agricultural practices which produce a quality crop while protecting, sustaining or enhancing the environment with regard to soil, water, air, animal and plant life as well as protecting and ensuring the rights of farm laborers.

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Crop Management

imageThe Crop Management guideline topics:

Variety Integrity and Selection
Integrated Pest Management
Nutrient Management
Crop and Operation Management
Curing and Barn Management
Non-tobacco Related Materials (NTRM)
On-farm Tobacco Storage

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Environmental Management

imageThe Environmental Management guidelines cover the following topics:

Soil and Water Management
Agrochemical Management

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Labor Management

imageThe Labor Management guidelines cover the following topics:

Laws and Regulations
Farm Labor Related Resources
Farm Safety and Worker Training

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imageThe following are the list of record templates provided:

Air-cured Field and Curing Records

Fire-cured Field and Curing Records

Flue-cured Field and Curing Records

General Records