For Growers: Sustainability and Simplification

The ultimate goal of GAP Connections is to minimize your burden. Your focus should be on the crop, on the employees, and on the land. We provide a single location for centralized information. Here, GAP standards are streamlined and universally accepted by member companies. 

At registration, growers will become members of GAP Connections and receive the following benefits:

  • Grower ID card for scanning at GAP trainings for easy tracking of attendance
  • Online access to their grower profile and GAP training history
  • Easy way to share their GAP efforts with member companies
  • GAP Connections electronic newsletter
  • Voice in the GAP standard setting process
  • Access to training calendar and many online grower resources

Grower Members should review all of GAP Connections' policies. Registration for membership and continued communication with GAP Connections acts as an acknowledgment that the member understands and accepts GAP Connections policies, including the Privacy Policy and Antitrust Compliance Policy


Access to the Grower ID System

The Grower ID System is a secure database of growers involved in the GAP Connections' Program. The system, by assigning a unique ID number to each grower, will help growers easily keep track of and share their GAP compliance records with potential companies. Instead of a grower’s GAP efforts being tracked only through their current contracting companies, growers will have their GAP information follow them from year to year regardless of the marketing company.

The Grower ID System allows growers to log in to their Grower Account at any time from the GAP Connections website with their Grower ID number and password created at registration. 

Once logged in to the System, growers can:

  • Update their profile including contact information, email address, mailing address, farm address, and crop acreage
  • Print out a temporary Grower ID 
  • Reset their Grower ID password
  • View their transcript of GAP Training
  • View a report of contracting companies they have granted permission to access their information 


Representation on the Board of Directors

Grower Members will be represented by three growers on the Board of Directors who serve a three-year term on the GAP Connections Board of Directors. The current Board of Director for Grower Members is listed here.