Monitoring Activities

The objective of GAPC Certification Program is to measure compliance with GAPC Certification Standards by reviewing objective evidence and records of those GAPC Grower Members who have applied and been approved to participate in the GAPC Certification Program. 

The GAPC Certification monitoring activities occur annually in a repeating cycle beginning with an Audit followed by a Site Visit and then Desktop Review.  If a grower achieves Certification and meets the required qualifications for continuation, they will move through the cycle as described. 

  • Growers must schedule their own Monitoring Visit with an approved monitoring firm. The monitoring firm is chosen at time of application. Information on Monitoring Firms.

  • Costs are set by third-party monitoring firms and paid by grower.

  • All growers (Primary and Associated) listed on the Certification Application must be present to sign the monitoring visit report for all visits associated with the Certification of the operation (audit, site visit, desktop review). 


       * Worker interviews can be requested by grower at the time of application each year.


Reference Materials

Certification Checklist: 2021 Certification Checklist

Certification Standards and Remediation Details: 2021 Certification Compliance Guide