Online Training Instructions


Step 1: Click the link to Online Training

  •  Grower will be directed to the Online Training Home Page

Step 2: Select and Click on a Category

  • There are 3 Training Categories: Crop and Environmental Training, Labor Training, and 
    GAPC Overview & Update Training

Step 3: Select and Click on a Course Title 


Step 4: Enrollment in Course

  • Click on Enroll me button


Step 5: Watch Course Video and Attempt Quiz 

  • Click on video button to begin watching the video


  • Click on Attempt Quiz button.  Grower will be directed to quiz questions.


Step 6: Submit the Quiz 

  • View summary of attempt
  • Click Submit All and Finish button

  • Confirmation Box appears
  • Click Submit All and Finish button



Step 7: Review Quiz

  • Grade shows 1 out of 3 quiz questions correct
  • Review Quiz Questions
  • Click Finish Review

  • If the grower does not have a 100% score, he/she must re-attempt the quiz by clicking Re-attempt quiz button
  • Grower may Re-attempt the quiz until a passing score of 100% is earned

  • If the Grower has a 100% score, he/she may move to Step 8


Step 8: Navigate Back to Home Page to Select Next Course

  • Click Home to return to the GAPC Online Training site and the List of 2024 Categories and Courses


Step 9: Completing Training and Checking the Grower Training Report

  • Go back to the Grower Dashboard or Click Menu in the upper right-hand corner
  • Go to Training
  • Click on the link Training Report
  • It may take 24 hours before the Training Report is updated



  • Training is completed when 3 Courses are completed in each of the 3 Categories

  • Each time a course is completed a circle will appear with a checkmark


  • When 3 Courses are completed in each of the 3 Categories 2024 Annual GAP Training credits have been earned and 2024 Annual GAP Training is completed


Get Started!

Link to Online Training

If you are experiencing problems or difficulties with the online training platform or have questions about completing online training, please contact GAP Connections at (865) 622-4606 or