GAP Connections membership consists of Company (Regular) Members (R), Associate Members (A), and Grower Members (G). Each of these Membership Classes is represented on the Board of Directors which governs GAP Connections activities. Directors serve a three-year term. Officers are elected by the Board of Directors annually.

Board of Directors for GAP Connections

*Name, Company (Type) (Term Expiration)

  • Lily Bland, Pyxus Agriculture USA, LLC (R)                                                  (March 2026)
  • Frank Geovannello, Altria (R)                                                                        (March 2027)
  • Eric Walker, Burley Stabilization Cooperative (R)                                      (March 2025)
  • Yutai Stanley Tang, China Tobacco International (North America) (R)   (March 2025)
  • Jennie Salyer, Gallatin Redrying and Storage (R)                                       (March 2026)
  • Abbi Graves, Hail & Cotton (R)                                                                      (March 2027)
  • Jake Dunevant, JTI (R)                                                                                     (March 2026)
  • Madison Hilton, R. J. Reynolds (R)                                                                (March 2025)
  • Randy Henderson, Swisher International (R)                                            (March 2025)
  • Christian Clifton, United Tobacco Company (R)                                        (March 2026)
  • Hunter Mason, Universal Leaf (R)                                                                (March 2027)
  • Robbie Parker, U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc. (R)                                    (March 2025)
  • Donald Mitchell, Grower (G)                                                                         (March 2027)
  • Nathan Musser, Grower (G)                                                                          (March 2027)
  • Brent Leggett, Grower (G)                                                                             (March 2025)
  • Al Pedigo, KY Burley & Dark Tobacco Producers Association (A)           (March 2027)
  • Tim Yarbrough, Tobacco Growers Association of North Carolina (A)    (March 2027)


  • Chairman of the Board, Robbie Parker
  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Al Pedigo 
  • President, Jane Chadwell (GAPC)
  • Secretary, Amy Rochkes (GAPC)
  • Treasurer, Katelyn White (GAPC)


Advisory and Working Committees

GAPC Board and administration are counseled and informed by several advisory and working committees.  These committees provide input on GAPC policies and procedures affecting growers, workers, and other important stakeholders.  They bring awareness of concerns and questions to the GAPC Board and suggest ways in which GAPC can better assist in fulfilling its mission. 

To view, a complete list of committee descriptions and scope click here.




GAPC offers three types of membership, Company, Associate, and Grower.  To learn more about each type of membership click below.

Company Membership

Associate Membership

Grower Membership