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Stakeholder engagement is a critical part of the success of GAPC and GAPC’s activities as it is ultimately the stakeholders that determine the success of our efforts.

The principles of GAPC’s stakeholder engagement include:

  • Inclusive:  GAPC strives to be inclusive to allow all stakeholders the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns, and questions by evaluating the environment in which we operate and identifying existing and new stakeholders.

  • Trustworthy: GAPC strives to be trustworthy by planning engagements with purpose and sincerity to collect feedback from a variety of stakeholders and by building and maintaining trusting relationships.

  • Transparent: GAPC strives to be transparent with stakeholders by sharing proposed changes to GAPC activities with stakeholders.

  • Responsive: GAPC strives to be responsive by updating stakeholders when GAPC is reviewing feedback with GAPC decision-makers and providing updates on any actions related to feedback.

GAPC engages with stakeholders both through direct engagement (i.e. one-on-one meetings and presentations) and through solicitation of feedback through public comment periods. These methods of engagement allow stakeholders to provide feedback on current and proposed GAPC activities. To learn more about GAPC's stakeholder engagement please review the GAPC Stakeholder Engagement Policy.


Schedule for Public Comment

Proposals for 2024 GAPC Programs

Open Comment OPEN till October 24th at 5:00 PM EST. Please provide feedback by clicking the link below.

link to provide feedback

GAPC strives to have public comment periods each calendar year in addition to direct engagements with stakeholders. If you would like to be included in our list of stakeholders to receive notification of open Comment Periods please send an email to info@gapconnections.com requesting to be added or call GAPC's office at 865.622.4606.