On-Farm Worker Training

GAPC is excited to offer this new farmworker training opportunity for individual farms and their workforce or for a group of farms and their collective workforce.  Training is customized to the operation and is offered in both English and Spanish. Training topics are numerous and varied to offer a full and complete package for operations that may be looking for safety and compliance training to meet different requirements.

Training includes a pre-consultation (number of workers, type of workers, machinery used, etc.), an individualized training card for each worker listing topics covered and date of training for each worker, and post-evaluation. 

Training is available to GAPC Grower Members and Non-Members. 




All of GAPC Farmworker Trainers are bilingual, bicultural, and experienced in dealing with different types of farm labor and operations. Trainers are located in North Carolina, Tennessee, and California and are able to travel to other states.


Cost-share Program for GAPC Grower Members who grow Tobacco

GAPC is offering GAPC Grower Members who grow tobacco a unique opportunity to have customized farmworker training at their farm through a new cost-share program. The cost-share program will allow GAPC Grower Members who grow tobacco to schedule and have farmworker training on their farm at a fifty percent (50%) discount using sponsorship funds from the tobacco industry in 2024. 

The base cost of a two-hour training session for GAPC Grower Members is $400. Through this new cost-share program, GAPC Grower Members who grow tobacco can schedule a two-hour farmworker training for a cost of $200. If more topics are desired, each additional hour of training will also be cost-shared at a rate of $50 per hour. 

The GAPC Customized Farmworker Training cost-share program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To take advantage of this program contact GAPC Training Coordinator, at (865) 622-4606, extension 107, or arochkes@gapconnections.com.


To Schedule or Learn More

Worker training is most impactful in-person where a trainer can be specific to the operation's environment and workers can interact with the trainer and ask questions.  However, we understand this is not always possible. If you would like to inquire about virtual training please reach out to GAPC for more details. 

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Amy Rochkes

Training & Resources Coordinator

Email: arochkes@gapconnections.com

Office: 865.622.4606 ext. 107


Additional Options

  • Customized Topic: You describe the need and GAPC will develop the content. ($75 per topic)
  • Farm Labor Contractor: GAPC Trainer will review best practices and GAPC Certification requirements with the grower and Farm Labor Contractor. ($50 per FLC)
  • GAPC Certification Labor Records: Review the list of records that should be maintained on the farm for a monitoring visit including templates for various policies and procedures. (no cost for growers going through GAPC Certification)