GAPC is actively accepting applications for 2024 Consultant Partners. 

GAPC offers a Consultant Partnership program for those assisting growers with GAPC Certification.  Consultant Partners will have access to two virtual training sessions.  The training sessions are designed to provide a comprehensive review of the GAPC Certification Program and requirements to help consultants help their clients successfully obtain GAPC Certification. Once the training sessions are complete, consultants are eligible to be listed as GAPC Consultant Partners on the website. Consultant Partners will also be able to attend Annual GAPC Auditor Training.  If you are interested please contact Certification and Assessment Director, Lauren Walker. 


For more information on becoming a
2024 Consultant Partner, contact:
Lauren Walker
Certification & Assessment Director GAP Connections
(865) 622-4606, ext. 109


The listing of a consulting firm or individual on this website signifies only that the consultant has completed certain training courses through GAP Connections.  GAP Connections is not affiliated with and does not endorse any consultant; nor does GAP Connections guarantee any particular result, including without limitation the granting of GAP Connections certification, if the grower hires a consultant listed on this website.  Growers are responsible for meeting all certification requirements in order to achieve GAP Connections certification and are responsible for independently choosing a consultant to assist with the certification process should the grower choose to do so.  No consultant is an agent of GAP Connections or has the power to bind or obligate GAP Connections in any manner.