Navigating our future relies on a clear understanding of past practices and the outcomes of those decisions. Farm records provide a clear understanding of past practices and outcomes in the hopes growers can see what worked or did not work.

Good records also provide a way for growers to measure profitability. Farming is a business and the ability to better understand the impact of price changes to inputs or sales allows for better decision-making financially.  Records are also helpful and sometimes required to secure loans or gain better technical advice from crop consultants, input suppliers, or Extension specialists and/or agents.

GAPC Records Templates

GAPC provides record templates for growers to provide efficiency and organization to the required data for GAPC Certification. Growers are not required to use the GAPC templates to keep records but are required to have the data listed in the Certification Records and Materials List if they use another recordkeeping method.



Transplant and Greenhouse Purchase Records Templates


Labor Records

Some records are required by law such as recordkeeping requirements from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSPA). It is important for growers to be aware of those requirements and to be prepared to produce the required records if ever visited by the U.S. Department of Labor. Those required records are requirements in the GAPC Certification Program along with records to provide proof of best practices in labor management.  

Below is a graphic that can assist growers in labor recordkeeping. Click on the interactive link above the graphic to see the PDF with clickable links to many of the items listed.  The listed items can also be found in the Labor Record templates provided by GAPC.

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Training Records:

Safety Records:

HR Records:

 Required Posters: 

US DOL Forms: