Annual GAP Training for Growers

GAPC coordinates Annual GAP Training to provide the opportunity for growers to learn from content experts about the latest crop, environmental, and labor best management practices. Thousands of growers across 11 states are trained on good agricultural practices each year in partnership with land-grant Extension specialists and agents. Our training programs offer attendees GAPC training credits in crop, environmental, and labor management best practices.

Topics are chosen each year by GAP Connections and tailored by the Extension Educators and other content experts such as Federal and State agencies and organizations in each state to best serve the type of grower and regional concerns. 

Our excellent Extension partners include:

Clemson University; North Carolina State University; The Ohio State University; Penn State University; Purdue University; University of Georgia; University of Kentucky; University of Maryland; University of Missouri; University of Tennessee; Virginia Tech University

Completing GAP Annual Training

Growers will have the opportunity to complete the 2023 Annual GAP Training online through the Grower Dashboard.  Online training will offer growers the opportunity to complete training at their leisure on their time schedule from their home or farm office.  A variety of crop and environmental and labor management courses will be available for growers to choose online to complete Annual GAP Training.

GAPC will continue to partner with county Extension offices, company members, and industry partners to offer in-person Annual GAP Training.  Check the GAPC Training Calendar for a list of training dates and locations.

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The 2022 Annual Training Report is available 2022 Annual Training Report as of October 2022. A cumulative summary of GAPC Training which includes statistics, training topics, and resource-building efforts will be available at a later date. 


Annual Grower Training Sponsorship 

Growers who attend training have repeatedly indicated that GAP Annual Training is a critical source of information to improve management practices and that positive changes have been made in their operation from the information they gained by attending. Sponsorship of these events offers the opportunity provides a unique opportunity for you and your organization to connect and engage with growers who are invested in the tobacco industry and are interested in producing a quality tobacco crop while protecting, sustaining, or enhancing the environment and ensuring the safety and rights of farm laborers.

Thanks to support from GAPC Company and Associate Members and annual sponsors, Annual GAP Training is offered each year at no cost to attendees.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please review our sponsorship flyer and direct questions to Amy Rochkes at or at 865.622.4606.



2023 Annual GAP Training Sponsors
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