Become a GAP Connections Monitoring Firm

Monitoring firms that want to become GAP Connections (GAPC) approved must submit a proposal in response to GAPC's Request for Proposal (RFP)  for the relevant scope.  All proposals will be reviewed and the GAPC Board of Directors will select the monitoring firms to be approved.  

GAPC will request a license and participation agreement (LPA)  with monitoring firms that have been approved to conduct GAPC Certification Monitoring Visits. All monitoring staff also must sign a Code of Conduct outlining the integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and competence of the process. The agreements and approval process ensures a high level of quality and integrity.  


Steps to Becoming a GAP Connections Approved Monitoring Firm

The RFP for 2024 closed October 27th and proposals are no longer being accepted. 

1. Read the RFP requirements in the 2024 Request for Proposal, Code of Conduct for all monitoring staff, GAPC Approval and Oversight for Monitoring Firms, and the GAPC Monitoring Protocols and Policies.

2.  Submit an RFP with all applicable information and documentation prior to October 27, 2023.

3. RFP's will be reviewed by GAPC staff and presented to the Board of Directors.  

4. Monitoring Firms for the 2024 season will be selected by the Board of Directors and those selected will be notified of the results.

5. Approved monitoring firms will sign and return the License and Participation Agreement and pay applicable fees outlined in the RFP.

6. All GAPC approved monitoring staff are required to attend in-person training annually. Additionally monitoring staff will continue to be reviewed and receive feedback throughout the monitoring season. 

If you have questions or wish to submit an RFP to become an approved monitoring firm, please contact Lauren Walker,, for information. 


2024 GAPC Approved Monitoring Firms