GAP Connections has adopted certain policies to ensure our relations and activities, both internal and external, are conducted with high legal and ethical standards. These policies are listed and explained below.


Privacy Policy

GAP Connections is committed to protecting your personal information. Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities.  We, therefore, adhere to ethical standards in the collection, use, and protection of any information you provide.  We believe that you should know how information is used and collected, and we appreciate that you trust us to do so carefully and sensibly.  

This Privacy Policy sets forth our current privacy practices and explains the information we collect when you interact with GAP Connections by mail, telephone, e-mail, or through the gapconnections.com website.  We hope that by taking a few minutes to read this Privacy Policy, you will have a better understanding of what we do with the information you provide to us and how we keep it private and secure.  You acknowledge that by continuing to communicate with GAP Connections that you understand and accept this Privacy Policy and that you freely consent to the privacy practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Download the GAP Connections Privacy Policy


Antitrust Compliance Policy

This document contains important GAP Connections policy regarding antitrust law compliance by the Members of GAP Connections. This antitrust compliance policy has been developed by counsel for GAP Connections and approved by the Board of GAP Connections. It should be studied, understood and followed by each member of GAP Connections, the employees of each member who are involved in the activities of GAP Connections, and the officers and employees of GAP Connections. This policy will be incorporated into GAP Connections' employee handbook.

Each member and employee of GAP Connections has an individual obligation to comply with GAP Connections' antitrust compliance policy. Any member or employee who intentionally violates this antitrust compliance policy will be subject to severe disciplinary action by the Board, including possible termination from GAP Connections pursuant to the By-Laws adopted by the Members.

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