Making a Difference

GAP Connections (GAPC) was established in 2013 as a nonprofit agricultural membership organization to
work with growers and stakeholders to raise standards in the tobacco industry through good agricultural
practices focused on three main management areas: Crop, Environmental, and Labor Management.

GAPC provides leadership for the adoption of agricultural standards and practices that produce a quality crop
while protecting, sustaining, or enhancing the environment, ensures the safety and rights of farm laborers
and recognizes those producers who are committed to a higher standard.


GAPC annually reviews its goals and objectives which are categorized into four categories (1) Participation and Adoption, (2) Crop and Environment, (3) Labor, and (4) Operation. The purpose of the goals and objectives is to outline how GAPC plans to fulfill its mission and help reduce the risks and impacts of agricultural production.


Information on GAPC's current goals and objectives and how they are developed and monitored can be found in the GAPC Impact Assessment, Goals, and Monitoring document.



  • Altria is proud to be a member of the GAP Connections Board and believes the certification program distinguishes growers in the marketplace. GAP Connections provides our contracted growers with critical training and resources to be more sustainable with their land and environmental management decisions as well as how to implement labor management practices to help protect the rights of their workers and to help promote a safe working environment. We believe the certification program plays an essential role in our monitoring framework as well as providing the industry with a standard platform to collect ESG data.
    Altria GAPC Member Company 2023