COVID-19 Resources by State



Florida Farm Bureau Federation COVID-19 Resources 

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services  

 COVID-19 Emergency Order Rules 

 COVID-19 Resource Website 

 Essential Worker Movement Letter Template 

Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Heatlh COVID-19 Resouce Kit



Georgia Farm Bureau Federation 

University of Georgia Extension 

University of Georgia Extension - Best Practices for Agribusiness 

Georgia Department of Agriculture 

Georgia Department of Health

Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Assocation COVID-19 Resources



Indiana Farm Bureau Federation 

Indiana Department of Agriculture 

Indiana State Department of Health 



Team Kentucky COVID-19 Hotline: (800) 722-5725

Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation 

Kentucky Department of Agriculture 

Kentucky Department for Public Health 

Kentucky Medical Association

COVID-19 Drive-thru Testing Locations in Kentucky

Kentucky's Response to COVID-19

Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development - Business Related COVID-19 Resources

University of Kentucky College of Agriculture & Cooperative Extension Service



Maryland Farm Bureau Federation 

Maryland Department of Agriculture 

University of Maryland Extension 

Maryland Department of Health 


North Carolina 

New Information from North Carolina (January 2022)

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 

North Carolina Department of Labor

North Carolina State University Extension 

NCDA&CS Ag Emergency Hotline: 1-866-747-9823

 NC State University Extension Farm Safety & Health - Farmworker Page

NC AgroMedicine Institute 

North Carolina Department of Commerce - Ag Services

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

North Carolina Department of Pulblic Safety

NC Farmworker Health Program

Map of Farmworker Health Clinics



Ohio Department of Agriculture 

Questions Regarding COVID-19 on Farms 

The Ohio State University Extension

Ohio Department of Health 



Pennsylvania Farm Bureau Federation 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture 

Penn State University 

Pennsylvania Department of Health 


South Carolina 

South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation 

Clemson University Extension 

South Carolina Department of Agriculture 

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services 



Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation 

Tennessee Department of Agriculture 

University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture 

Tennessee Department of Health 



Virginia Farm Bureau Federation 

Virginia Tech University Extension 

Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services 

Virginia Department of Health