Labor Management Guide

The 2016 Agricultural Labor Management Guide was compiled by the Farm Labor Practices Group (the “FLPG”). The FLPG is a group of key stakeholders including manufacturers, buyers, growers, government and non-governmental organizations, whose purpose is to facilitate constructive dialogue about farm labor practices. The goal of the FLPG is to help both farmers and farmworkers in the production of labor-intensive crops better understand and comply with applicable labor laws and regulations, and to foster improved farm labor practices, where needed, that shape a worker’s experience on the farm.

Download the 2016 GAP Labor Management Resource Guide
Download the GAP Labor Management Resource Guide (Spanish)

These materials are shared for informational purposes only. The FLPG has made no effort to collect or share materials other than those that relate to United States federal regulations and procedures. The FLPG makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness and warns that the materials may change or become out of date. These materials do not constitute legal advice. Each recipient of these materials should consult his or her own attorney or accountant to fully understand any legal obligations imposed by the regulations and procedures discussed in these materials, as well as any other potentially applicable federal, state or local laws and regulations. This sharing of these materials is not intended to alter any recipient’s responsibility for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.