GAPC Farmworker Training

Agriculture ranks among the most hazardous industries in the U.S. Training of all workers including family labor can help reduce the risks and prepare for unforeseen emergencies creating a working environment that promotes safety and compliance.  However, training capacity and needs can look very different from farm to farm which is why GAPC provides many options to help farmers train their workforce.


On-Farm Worker Training

GAPC offers on-farm training for individual farms and their workforce or for a group of farms and their collective workforce.  Training is customized to the operation and is offered in both English and Spanish. Training topics are numerous and varied to offer a full and complete package for operations that may be looking for safety and compliance training to meet different requirements.

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Farm Safety, Health, and Compliance Events

GAPC hosts Farm Safety, Health, and Compliance Training Events in numerous states.  The events are for all those involved in a farming operation including family members and farm workers. Training is provided in English and Spanish. Attendees rotate through six to nine interactive stations led by experts in the safety and compliance topics.  Topics have included safety training on machinery, pesticide safety, heat illness, green tobacco sickness, basic first aid, and basic CPR.  In addition, training on compliance topics such as labor laws, workers’ rights, and harassment are included. 

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Worker Training Resources

If you prefer to do the training yourself, GAPC offers numerous resources to help you train workers from tailgate training kits, labor training guides, and safety DVDs found in our store to free resources that can be downloaded and used.

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Labor Mangement Guide

Worker Training Guides

Farmworker Safety Videos

COVID-19 Resources